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What Are Our Favorite Exercises to Show Patients?

The physical therapists and athletic trainer at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute are always showing patients how to perform exercises all day long.  We asked each of them what exercise they love to demonstrate.  See what they had to say below!

What is your favorite exercise to demonstrate for patients?

Brent:  Supine shoulder horizontal abduction/adduction because it feels really good!


Katie:  Seated lumbar flexion/shoulder flexion using physioball for support because it allows for me to experience a moment of relaxation during my day.


Sara:   Single leg RDL on a BOSU because it looks fancy!  Or the seated cervical extension with towel support because it feels so relaxing.


Marc:  Counter top flexion.  It is my go-to exercise to feel better.


Ashlie:  Bounding!


Jack:  Triple axle (just kidding)!  Probably Heidens (aka lateral skater hops).


Ally:  Supine shoulder horizontal abduction/adduction!


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