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FUN Questions for the Staff At Omaha Physical Therapy Institute

It’s always fun to learn more about the staff at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute!  Here are some interesting and entertaining questions to amuse you!

Who is your childhood sports idol?

Brent Cordery, PT:   Pele

Katie Cordery, PT:  Pele, Michelle Akers, Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, and Mary Lou Retton

Lori Koehn, Office Manager:  Didn’t really have one (but I loved the singers, Donny Osmond and David Cassidy)

Sara Palinski, PT:  Michael Jordan

Marc Hunley, PT:  Mark Turgeon, KU basketball (1988 National Championship) player from Topeka.  And, Alexi Lalas for his aspirational hair!

Ashlie Eckmann, PT:   Jordan Larsen from the Nebraska Cornhuskers Volleyball Team

Jack Matuella, PT:   Albert Pujols

Zach Tatum, PT:   Dallas Clark

Emma, Operations Assistant:   Kayla Banwarth


What’s your most used emoji?

Brent Cordery, PT:    Thumbs up

Katie Cordery, PT:  Crying-laughing

Lori Koehn, Office Manager:  Heart and smiley face

Sara Palinski, PT:   The smiley one or the laughing one

Marc Hunley, PT:  What are emojis?

Ashlie Eckmann, PT:   Cat crying-laughing emoji

Jack Matuella, PT:   Poop

Zach Tatum, PT:  Laughing-crying emoji

Emma, Operations Assistant:  Diamond, hands making heart


What would be the title of your autobiography?

Brent Cordery, PT:  Why It Is Cool To Be a Nerd

Katie Cordery, PT:  Work Hard, Play Hard

Lori Koehn, Office Manager:  How to Lead a Boring Life

Sara Palinski, PT:  An Organized and Crazy Life

Marc Hunley, PT:   No Sleep til Brooklyn

Ashlie Eckmann, PT:  Life of a Small Town Gal

Jack Matuella, PT:   The Life of a Dawg in a Room full of Bluejays

Zach Tatum, PT:  What New Snack Should I Buy from Costco?

Emma, Operations Assistant:  The Wild Waters


Where is somewhere you’d like to travel?

Brent Cordery, PT:  Throughout Europe, New England States

Katie Cordery, PT:  New Zealand, Australia, Lake Louise, New England States, and a full European Tour

Lori Koehn, Office Manager:  Hawaii (or just somewhere warm with a beach/pool)

Sara Palinski, PT:  Italy

Marc Hunley, PT:  Spain, France, Italy

Ashlie Eckmann, PT:  Italy

Jack Matuella, PT:   Banff National Park in Canada, Italy

Zach Tatum, PT:  Nashville

Emma, Operations Assistant:  The Great Barrier Reef


What makes you laugh out loud?

Brent Cordery, PT:  The shows South Park and I Think You Should Leave

Katie Cordery, PT:  My doggie, my husband

Lori Koehn, Office Manager:  Watching/listening to imitations of people and trying to guess who they are imitating

Sara Palinski, PT:  Funny, mindless videos my best friend sends me on Instagram

Marc Hunley, PT:  My wife’s sarcasm

Ashlie Eckmann, PT:   Adam Sandler movies, my husband’s impersonations, Jack Matuella’s mustache

Jack Matuella, PT:  The Office, The League, Nick Kroll, Sebastian Maniscalco, my wife, Jack Larsen

Zach Tatum, PT:  Creed from The Office

Emma, Operations Assistant:  My sisters and good pranks!


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