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Fun Information about the Physical Therapists at OPTI

Get to know the Physical Therapists at OPTI!

Wanting to know a little bit more about your physical therapist?  Here is some fun information on them and their personalities!

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Brent:  Littering

Katie:  When there is still lotion at the bottom of the container but the pump doesn’t extend down that far so you have to take the pump off and try to get the lotion out by hitting the container against your hand and you cannot dictate the amount that comes out!  You all know what I’m talking about! And, people feeling like it is socially acceptable to constantly look at their smart watch while having a conversation with someone!

Sara:  Speaker phone in public.  And, seconds not being cleared off the microwave!

Marc:  Questions about pet peeves.

Ashlie:  People chewing with their mouth open.

Jack:  Coughing or being sick but not caring to stay home or prevent spreading.  And body odor (haha)!


What was your very first job as a teenager?

Brent:  Soccer referee

Katie:  Worked at a doctor’s office filing, running errands, and eating snacks that drug reps brought in

Sara:  Babysitting/nannying

Marc:  Unloading Walmart Trucks

Ashlie:  CNA in nursing home

Jack:  Scorekeeping and sweeping courts at the Omaha Sports Academy


Beach or mountains?

Brent:  Lake!

Katie:  Both!

Sara:  Beach!

Marc:  Beach!

Ashlie:  Beach!

Jack:  Mountains for sure!


What do you do to relax?

Brent:  Watch a funny TV show or movie

Katie:  Travel, massage, play tennis, watch stupid/silly TV shows, go out with my husband, hang out with friends, drink wine, deep breaths

Sara:  Deep breaths, golf, get a massage, go on vacation

Marc:  Jog while listening to music or audiobooks

Ashlie:  Spend time outdoors, go on walks, read

Jack:  Listen to music, exercise, watch TV or sports


Stay tuned for more interesting info on your friends from Omaha Physical Therapy Institute!

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