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Feeling Joy at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute

Work is work…but when it comes to being a team member at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute, work can also be fun, rewarding, and joyous.

We asked our staff at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute what brings them joy during their workday at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute.

Brent Cordery, PT:  Sharing a funny moment with a patient or co-worker!

Katie Cordery, PT:  Everyday, we have the opportunity to work with people of all ages and assist them in getting back to doing the things that bring them joy in their life.  This is definitely a perk of our job!  I get my joy from the happiness and laughter I hear so often in our PT gym when there are a lot of patients in there working hard with their PT.  The comradery and friendships between our staff, our patients, and between patients that have been going through physical therapy together, is SO awesome!  It definitely makes me smile!

Lori Koehn, Office Manager:  Watching and listening to the jokes and challenges by the PT’s in the gym!

Sara Palinski, PT:  Seeing patients succeed and make progress towards their personal goals.

Marc Hunley, PT:  When patients come in and describe improvements in the activities that they enjoy.

Ashlie Eckmann, PT:  Laughing with staff in the clinic and giving one another a hard time about monster band shots!

Jack Matuella, PT:  The connections I make with my patients and when my patients feel they have made progress.

Zach Tatum, PT:  When patients find happiness with learning new ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Emma, Operations Assistant:  Good humor!


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