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What are Team OPTI’s Strengths?

Omaha Physical Therapy Institute is a special place for rehabilitation and healing.  What makes it special is the unique qualities each member of the staff possesses.  We recently took the Strengthsfinder 2.0 Test to highlight each of our top 5 strengths that we are contributing to the OPTI culture.  Here are the results below:

BRENT CORDERY, PT:  Learner, Analytical, Harmony, Intellection, Input

KATIE CORDERY, PT:  Responsibility, Individualization, Achiever, Belief, Restorative

LORI KOEHN, OFFICE MANAGER:  Includer, Consistency, Developer, Adaptability, Harmony

SARA PALINSKI, PT:  Achiever, Positivity, Consistency, Woo, Futuristic

MARC HUNLEY, PT:  Adaptability, Positivity, Learner, Input, Developer

BRADEN SWANSON, PT:  Connectedness, Empathy, Ideation, Adaptability, Harmony

ALLY BROWN, ASSISTANT OFFICE MANAGER:  Adaptability, Positivity, Developer, Includer, Woo

Although all of our strengths vary, we all have a common goal:  to help our patients achieve their goals and improve their overall quality of life!  Our treatment approach includes intelligence, compassion, and encouragement to allow for a positive (and typically fun) experience, despite being in pain or having an injury.

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