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Tough Injury But Tougher Patient – Reagan’s Comeback Story

Injury is challenging at any age.  If it happens to you when you are younger, it is more difficult to understand how important it is to be consistent and compliant with your rehabilitation to not only be able to return to your sports but to be healthy and well for the rest of your life.  Reagan Hickey was only in 7th grade when she tore her meniscus and had to have it surgically repaired.  But, her motivation and desire to return to all of her sports successfully, displayed a maturity far beyond her age!

Check out Reagan’s Comeback Story below!

What was your injury?  How did you injure yourself?
I tore my meniscus in my knee playing basketball in January.  I had to have it repaired with surgery.

What was the most challenging aspect to your recovery?
I think the hardest part of my recovery was not being able to do things that I could have easily done before I was hurt.

What did you learn from your experience in physical therapy?
From my experience in physical therapy, I learned that when things become hard, I can’t give up, and I have to push myself harder.

What did you enjoy most about OPTI?
The thing I enjoyed most about OPTI is that everyone there will always help you and push you to become the best you can be!

What advice would you give someone that is recovering from an injury?
Some advice I would give to someone recovering from an injury is that you can’t look at how far you have to go, but look at how far you’ve come.

What have you accomplished since coming back from your injury?
My volleyball team and I went to Nationals and placed 10th in the whole nation, just months after my surgery.  I have also returned to soccer practices and games (and I scored my first goal since coming back recently)!  I plan on playing basketball again this winter.

What sport(s) do you play and on what teams?
I play volleyball for Premier, soccer for Papillion, and basketball and soccer for my school.

What school do you go to?  What are your future plans?
I go to St. Gerald’s Catholic School.  My future plans are to keep playing sports and staying active.

What activities/hobbies/jobs do you enjoy/have?
I would practice volleyball everyday if I could but when I’m not, I like to practice/play sports or games with my sisters and brothers outside.

Reagan had the opportunity to not only receive top notch physical therapy, but she was also able to participate in Omaha Physical Therapy Institute’s (OPTI) Athlete’s In Motion Program, SoccerFIT program, and Performance Program!

OPTI provides the services and resources to get you back to what you love to do!

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