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The UNEXPECTED and FUN Benefits of Telehealth

“Seeing my PT on the screen and having them there to listen to how I’ve been doing, watch me perform my exercises, and correct anything I might be having difficulty with, has been surprisingly effective!  I LOVE my telehealth sessions with my PT.  It provides a sense of connection to someone you know truly cares about your progress and honestly, it improves my mood!”  -Jill

“I was nervous about using telehealth as I don’t understand technology very well but all I had to do was click on a link my PT sent to my email and I was connected!  I can’t believe how easy it is!”  – Mary

Telehealth physical therapy is a live, one-on-one video appointment with your physical therapist that allows you to receive professional advice and supervision from the comfort and convenience of your home!  Research shows that this method of providing physical therapy is beneficial both physically and mentally.  As physical therapists, we see the amazing impact it is having on our patients at a time like this.  We are also learning about other unexpected and fun benefits telehealth can provide!

  • We, as physical therapists, get to see what a patient’s environment is like in their home and then have the opportunity to be innovative and develop home exercise/movement programs that are achievable for them using what they have!
  • We get to the meet the family pets!
  • We finally get to see the home remodeling project completed that gave the patient the low back pain in the first place!
  • Patients have discovered that their toddler can be used for extra load (resistance training) with their planks and squats!
  • We get to see a patient’s facial expression and body language with performing their exercises which allows us to modify or change up their home exercises. With just a phone call, we aren’t able to observe that.
  • Patient’s have been commenting that they love the social interaction the video appointment allows which in turn, provides other health benefits!  As physical therapists, it feeds our soul as well!  Keeping everyone’s morale up at a time like this is important!

So what’s holding you back from starting or continuing your physical therapy services?  Being isolated at home is no longer an excuse!  You have easy access to the wonderful physical therapists from OPTI at your fingertips (literally) through telehealth!   Call us with questions!  The more you learn about telehealth, the more you will like it!

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