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Why You Should Try Telehealth for Your Physical Therapy

Telehealth is becoming a very popular way to consult with your health care provider! Telehealth can help you connect and stay connected with your physical therapist. All you need is a computer, iPad, or phone that has video capabilities.  It is a live, one-on-one video appointment with your PT that you can perform in the comfort and convenience of your own home! Omaha Physical Therapy Institute has been using it with patients and patient satisfaction has been wonderful!

Why should you try telehealth?

  • Because you can perform your telehealth session from anywhere and you don’t need to worry about commuting to and from appointments.  It works well for parents with a child at home, for people who are not able to leave their house, or for those that do not drive or have access to transportation!
  • Most health insurance companies are now covering telehealth services for physical therapy!
  • It’s easy and effective.  You do not have to have any special training.  Your physical therapist will simply send you a link via email to click on at your specified appointment time!
  • People of all ages and a variety of symptoms and medical conditions can receive great benefit from telehealth.  We can address your pain, your balance, your flexibility, your strength, your gait or assist with your physical therapy after surgery or even prepare you for an upcoming surgery! 
  • It’s great if you live in an area where access to physical therapy is limited.
  • Telehealth allows your physical therapist to see how your home is set up and from that, can make recommendations for modifications for safety within your environment. 
  • Your telehealth sessions are private and just between you and your physical therapist.  There are no other distractions or other patients around.  Family members are welcome to join the sessions if it is appropriate for your plan of care.
  • With the guidance of your physical therapist who can provide innovative methods to utilize your home environment for your health and wellness, you can discover ways to stay active and healthy in your home, not relying on any equipment or having to go to a gym! 
  • There is no drive time and no waiting room.  You simply connect with your physical therapist for your session and then you can return to what you were doing before right away. 
  • Your privacy is protected as the program we use is HIPAA compliant.

If you have more questions regarding the telehealth services at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute, please give us a call at 402-934-8688We want to help you!

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