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The Role Your Mental State Can Play In Your Physical Recovery

Scientific study continues to further establish the link between body and mind.  After suffering a setback of any kind, a person can benefit from having the right mind-set to properly cope with what already is and to cultivate the motivation and self-efficacy to see themselves through their current obstacle and any future challenges that arise.

In a systematic review published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, researchers reviewed 16 studies that spanned 30 years and investigated patients’ attitudes towards their health after surgery.  Interestingly enough, the patients who felt they would do well after their surgery, actually did recover quicker and with less pain versus those that had more of a pessimistic outlook on their post-operation recovery.

So, this tells us how powerful the mind is with its connection to our body and our physical well-being and how it can impact how we rehabilitate from injury, surgery, or pain.

At Omaha Physical Therapy Institute, we emphasize educating our patients on how their recovery might look and provide this information with encouragement and positive input.  We talk about why having a positive attitude and not catastrophizing every little setback is so important in optimizing one’s health.

If you are dealing with an injury, persistent pain, or you are going to have surgery, call Omaha Physical Therapy Institute for a professional, encouraging, and speedy recovery.

 Blog Contributors:  Matt Vetter, PT, DPT, CSCS and Katie Cordery, PT, DPT

Mondloch, Michael & Cole, Donald & Frank, John. (2001). Does how you do depend on how you think you’ll do? A systemic review of the evidence for a relation between patients’ recovery expectations and health outcomes (vol 165, 174, 2001). Canadian Medical Association Journal. 165. 1303-1303.

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