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Stephanie’s Scar Story


“OPTI has inspired me more than you can imagine. OPTI helped me find myself again. My Physical Therapist never gave up on me which I couldn’t be more grateful for. Thank you for everything!”

-Stephanie Dashiell

Dear OPTI,

I appreciate everything you have done for me. In the beginning, I felt broken and I was mentally down about tearing my ACL. It was a rough time going through an injury and being surrounded by everything that reminded me of the game I loved to play (soccer).  I remember the day I started to have some hope was the first time that I was able to jog in the clinic. It was the first time I believed that I could get back to where I used to be. During the rest of my time at physical therapy, I was pretty indecisive with my future of potentially playing college soccer. When my physical therapist and I started having my PT sessions out at the Omaha Sports Complex, I started to get a taste of playing again. It was then I realized I couldn’t walk away from soccer.

 OPTI is the one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to play again. Every time I came into the clinic with a negative attitude, my Physical Therapist would lift me up and push me to do my very best. I loved that the PT’s at OPTI only have positive things to say. It’s hard to think about what my journey would have been like if I didn’t go through rehab at OPTI. I also think about every patient in OPTI and how their life would be different if OPTI wasn’t around. I truly can’t imagine a clinic better than OPTI! Even though tearing my ACL wasn’t ideal, I’m glad I did because it gave me the opportunity to get to know all of the staff and solidified my decision to play soccer in college.

I am proud to say I have recently committed to my dream school, South Dakota State University, to play Division I soccer! With the help of OPTI, I was able to make my dreams a reality. OPTI has inspired me more than you can imagine. OPTI has helped me find myself again. I couldn’t be more grateful for my Physical Therapist who never gave up on me. Thank you for everything! You guys are the best! 

Stephanie “Steffi” Dashiell

Omaha Physical Therapy Institute is an outpatient orthopedic and sports physical therapy clinic with it’s main location at 144th & Dodge and it’s secondary location inside of the Omaha Sports Complex on 144th & Giles.  OPTI is the BEST place for physical therapy in Omaha!


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