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Soccer Specific Rehabilitation

Because of OPTI’s passion for soccer, OPTI is committed to providing the region’s most advanced soccer-specific rehabilitation.  This program is appropriate for any type of injury and from all skill levels ranging from the weekend warrior to competitive club and collegiate soccer players.

OPTI’s doctors of physical therapy possess the most current knowledge and research on the kinesiology, biomechanics and neuromuscular properties to soccer-related movements and injuries. They have playing experience through club, ODP, and Division I college soccer as well as youth coaching experience. OPTI’s physical therapists have a strong soccer background and have suffered severe injuries themselves during their soccer careers but have made it back to the field successfully despite much emotional and physical strain. They understand the physical demands and the psychology of a soccer player and are able to adapt treatment according to this understanding. OPTI’s model of care collaborates medical science and biomechanics with game knowledge creating the most comprehensive soccer-specific rehabilitation and training in the region.

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A Confident Return to Soccer

In conjunction with the standard rehabilitation process, the following components will be implemented into a soccer athlete’s program:

  • Plyometric and agility drills
  • Passing and shooting progression
  • Defending and Tackling progression
  • Coordination on the soccer ball focusing on first touch, change of direction, and control with dribbling with and without pressure
  • Gradual re-introduction to wearing cleats
  • Exposure to turf/grass surfaces during later stages of rehabilitation
  • Invited to participate in OPTI’s SoccerFIT program

These areas will be emphasized to allow for a safe and confident return to soccer. OPTI’s physical therapists will have initial sessions in the clinic then transition the patient to turf and grass facilities with progression towards practice/game footwear. OPTI has a secondary location inside of the Omaha Sports Complex (Athletes In Motion clinic) which allows soccer athletes access to turf, goals, and an abundance of space for kicking, passing, and crossing the ball during their physical therapy sessions. As with all rehabilitation OPTI provides, techniques and exercises are performed that decrease the risk for re-injury.

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“Katie is the best PT in the world! I truly appreciate her patience, enthusiasm, and knowledge. I am now back playing softball and loving it!” –Jessi (ACL surgery)

“Going to physical therapy at OPTI was something I looked forward to every week. Katie not only helped me with the physical part but she also got me through the mental obstacles of recovery. She is the only therapist I know that will take her patient out on the field and work with them one-on-one. Katie and Brent made me feel comfortable and they could always make me laugh through the frustrating times in rehab.”  –Ally B.

"My orthopedic surgeon suggested physical therapy for my tennis elbow. I had no idea where to start? I called my PCP and was referred to OPTI…I couldn’t be more satisfied with the therapy I received from there. Everyone is nice starting at the front desk with Lori! I would recommend them hands down than any other place in town. Thanks OPTI!" –Stephanie (Tennis Elbow)

"I really appreciate how much Brent helped me get back into playing collegiate baseball after my shoulder surgery. He gave me comfort, hope, and strength during a tough time and I am grateful for it." –Mike (Shoulder surgery)

“Something I would want people to know about OPTI is that I was able see the same physical therapist every single visit. Most people do not realize that this is unfortunately unique about OPTI. I went to a different PT clinic initially for my injury and found out I was being seen by a college student who was a technician there so I switched to OPTI. It is a night and day difference in quality of care between the two clinics.” – Claire B.

“As an orthopedic surgeon, it is comforting to know that my patients are getting the attention they deserve. They are the most trustworthy PT’s in the area. I have even sent family to them.” – Orthopedic Surgeon in the Omaha area

“The one on one attention was great. I liked that everything we did tied back to soccer. My rehab was soccer-specific and I was able to get some sessions in at the Athletes In Motion Clinic out at the Omaha Sports Complex which was pretty awesome! I felt confident in returning to play!” – Paul (Ankle Injury)

“This note is no doubt long overdue, but comes with enormous gratitude that only continues to grow. This September marked three years since my ACL repair, and each day since I have been blessed with the ability to be fully active, play any sport my heart desired, continue coaching the beautiful game of soccer, climb new mountains (literally) and take on countless adventures and challenges. I certainly have your impressive expertise and fabulous patient care to thank for much of that. So, with all of my heart (and my healthy-thanks-to-you-right-knee), I am grateful. Thank you for leaving a positive permanent impact in my life!” – Becca (ACL Surgery)

“As an athlete, soccer is my life. ACL Reconstruction surgery could have ended my career. I am forever grateful to Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI) and their Athletes In Motion (A.I.M.) program. OPTI’s team got me back into action and I am back playing the sport I love. OPTI has the best Physical Therapy team in Omaha.” – Mayme Conroy, UNL Soccer, Redditch United F.C.

“I did most of my rehab at the A.I.M. clinic. It was awesome! From the first day, I knew I was going to make it back to pitching. Having the turf and the nets to throw and pitch into helped me get my confidence back.” – Brandon (Tommy John Surgery)

“I am so grateful for the care I received from Marc. He was gentle and kind and helped my back so much.” – Bonnie (Low back pain)

“I have had a total knee replacement on both knees but have gone to two different places for physical therapy. Omaha Physical Therapy Institute was so much better than the first place I had to go to. I was able to see Brent every time and his approach to getting my knee to straighten and bend was a lot more effective and less painful than the other place.” – Diane T.