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Hamstring Injury Prevention in Soccer Players

In the world of soccer, there are many factors that play into the prevention of injury.  Not only has the research investigated and dissected the importance of a proper warm up, re-warm up, and cool down, but periodization of practices/games/conditioning needs to be acknowledged as well.  Breaking it down even more, what drills a coach performs at practice the day before, after, or during the week of a game, can contribute to an increased risk in injuries.

Here is a short post from the website, Football and Rehab, that focuses in on paying attention to how much shooting your players are doing while they are still in the recovery phase from a game.  The author talks about how the hamstrings (and we’d like to add neural tissue) are affected by repetitive striking or shooting of the ball and how it could lead to injury if this is done while a player is recovering from a full game.

Katie Cordery, PT

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