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Does Strength and Power Equal Confidence in ACL Rehab?

Is there a correlation between the amount of strength and power an individual has with their confidence in returning to play their sport after ACL reconstruction surgery?  A recent article investigated this question.  See the results below!

No Relationship Between Strength and Power Scores and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Return to Sport After Injury Scale 9 Months After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

An article published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine in December 2019 looked at the correlation between strength and power measures and athlete self-reported confidence in returning to sport. What they concluded was there was weak correlation between strength and power and confidence in returning to sport. The psychological aspect of rehab and the strength and power development happen in different ways.  See the link below for the article.

At Omaha Physical Therapy Institute, our return to sport rehabilitation is comprehensive as it focuses on strength and power but also sport-specific exposure, in order to build confidence for athletes who are returning to play.  Call today to get the most specialized ACL reconstruction rehabilitation in the area!

Marc Hunley, PT, DPT

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