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Important Info for Coaches on ACL prevention

Over the past 20 years, there has been an increase in the number of anterior cruciate ligamant (ACL) injuries in the knee.  With that increase has come more research on how to reduce the risk of an ACL tear.  It is evident that performing a neuromuscular training program and possibly implementing this program into a warm up and/or cool down,…

Success AFTER Injury – An OPTI Comeback Story

“Super Dave’s” Awesome Comeback Story! Tell us about yourself (Jobs, Interests, hobbies, sports). My name is Dave McNair and I have been involved in athletics my entire life both competing and coaching.  I was a four-sport athlete in high school (football, wrestling, track and baseball).  I wrestled in college and since graduating continued to wrestle for many years.  For 26…

Hamstring Injury Prevention in Soccer Players

In the world of soccer, there are many factors that play into the prevention of injury.  Not only has the research investigated and dissected the importance of a proper warm up, re-warm up, and cool down, but periodization of practices/games/conditioning needs to be acknowledged as well.  Breaking it down even more, what drills a coach performs at practice the day…