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Staying Comfortable and Healthy at Work

Keeping it Comfy at Work!

Ergonomics:  Merriam-Webster defines ergonomics as an “applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people interact most efficiently and safely.”  At Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI), we perform ergonomic evaluations which include assessing a specific work environment and job duties and making sure it is safe and effective in allowing an employee to get their job done with minimal risk of injury.  Besides recommendations for work station modifications, we educate the employee on ways to decrease the risk for injury and improve overall wellness.



  • …Keep moving!! Set an alarm or have a reminder to get up and move around. Static positions wreak havoc on your circulation and can lead to pain. GET UP, MOVE, AND STRETCH!
  • …While sitting try to keep your body in a relaxed position. Make frequent position changes as well.
  • …Keep a clean/organized work station. This limits the amount of clutter which can lead to excessive reaching or reduced movement potential.
  • …Ensure you have proper lighting at your work station. Eye strain is one of the leading contributors to headaches.


  • …Don’t sit or stand in the same position for any prolonged period of time. Movement keeps the blood flowing and the tissues happy.
  • …Don’t use a chair that is either too tall or short for you. Adjustable chairs allow you to find a comfortable fit with your desk.
  • …Don’t cradle a phone between your shoulder and ear. Use a headset if you will be using the phone for a significant portion of the day.
  • …Don’t wait until you feel pain or discomfort to stop an activity. Be proactive!

Remember…the best posture is one that is constantly changing!!!  Move to improve!  Motion is Lotion!

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