One-on-One Treatment with a Physical Therapist Every Visit!

What Can You Expect at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute? Why is OPTI so Different from Other Physical Therapy Clinics?


Some may say I am an OPTI Pioneer!  After all, I have been a patient several different times at OPTI since the clinic first opened in 2007. OPTI has seen me through it all… muscle strains, ankle sprains, and my numerous knee surgeries. Being an athlete and having played for two different Division I colleges meant I have also tried rehabilitation at other places.  You could say I’m a “seasoned veteran” in rehab!


I am like most people. I wasn’t very educated about physical therapy and its practices. I figured all physical therapists were pretty much the same because I assumed everyone had the same training in the basics but also in treatment philosophies and approach.  I trusted that each PT I had for rehab was providing the best possible care for me. What I have come to find is that not all physical therapists are created equal!  After rehabilitating my most recent knee injury and accepting a position to work at OPTI, I have been educated by the physical therapists at OPTI about our treatment approach and why we are different from other clinics. Because I have been through rehab at OPTI, I am already aware of how passionate they are about the care they provide.  However, now looking back and comparing physical therapy services I received at other places during my college soccer career, I have gained a true appreciation for how special OPTI is.  I have come to the realization that you need to be an informed consumer of healthcare to make sure that you are getting the most ethical, sound, and compassionate care that you deserve (and are paying for)!

Let me explain…


OPTI Practices the Truth and Nothing but the Truth

I’ve learned in the physical therapy realm there is a lot of hype surrounding different techniques such as dry-needling, cupping (thanks to Michael Phelps), and Graston Therapy. I’ve actually had all three techniques done on me during my time as a Division I athlete. However, none of these forms of “treatment” were ever performed on me at OPTI when I was a patient there in high school or more recently. Nor does OPTI practice them. Why? Because OPTI’s physical therapists practice the truth and nothing but the truth. OPTI believes in science-based techniques.  The above mentioned techniques can provide some temporary relief for people, but they do not fix the problem and you have to undergo considerable discomfort and potentially harm to get the relief.  The physical therapists at OPTI could easily provide these treatments and join the pseudoscientific world, marketing them to patients and physicians and potentially getting more “believers” into our doors.  However, we don’t do this!  The physical therapists at OPTI make the effort to learn about these practices and understanding their true effects through research and knowledge in pain science and that is why they do not perform these interventions.  I was in pain for a long time and all of these treatments were thrown at me with no effectiveness by other physical therapy clinics.  I then started PT at OPTI, and the education on pain along with more comfortable interventions, have given me a pain-free life back!   The truth is in the science!


Passion & Compassion

It is incredible the amount of passion each physical therapist at OPTI has for their patients. They TRULY want their patients to get better and they make it their priority to make sure their patient reach their personal goals.  For myself, I felt an immediate connection with my physical therapist which kept me coming back through the doors at OPTI with my multiple injuries.

Another positive at OPTI, they will never push you through pain!  This way, the body relaxes and you are able to move more comfortably and meet your goals quicker!

With every injury I experienced, it took a toll on me mentally. There was always anxiety about knowing that I had a long road back to my prior level of skill and athleticism.  At OPTI, I knew I could do it.  I knew it was possible. I knew that they cared so much about me and that made it easier to keep a positive attitude throughout my rehab.  They listened to my goals and made sure that each session was geared towards achieving them.


Physical Therapists Give You Their Time

One thing I realized I took for granted when I was away at college experiencing physical therapy at other clinics, was the guarantee that I would be seen by a physical therapist every visit. Many times, when receiving rehab at college, I was seen by a fellow college student who was shadowing or doing an internship but did not yet have a degree.  At OPTI, the physical therapists never juggle more than one patient at a time. It is always one-on-one physical therapy with an actual physical therapist every single visit. Their time and attention is focused on evaluating and re-evaluating YOU each and every time you walk (or crutch) into their clinic.   This, I have unfortunately learned, is not a common practice within physical therapy clinics.


Culture & Education

The atmosphere at OPTI is light-hearted and fun!  It’s the perfect place to go if you are in pain or have an injury and need some encouragement. I always looked forward to coming into physical therapy because it was a time where I could relax and be surrounded by other people who knew what I was going through. Knowing that I would never be pushed to pain was something that put my mind at ease as well. The physical therapists are really great at educating you about your injury and what it will take to reach your goals.  OPTI provides a culture that is unique and effective and I feel so blessed to have been able to be a patient here during some of my injuries as I know it made a difference in my outcomes!

All in all, be a smart consumer of healthcare and know that not every physical therapy clinic is providing people with the same compassion, attention, or service.  You DESERVE the best care for your body!  Don’t settle for less…


Marquette Pick, Marketing Coordinator and former patient at OPTI