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Staff Spotlight: Ally Brown, ATC

Ally Brown has been a part of the Omaha Physical Therapy Institute family since high school, when she tore her ACL and had to have reconstruction surgery.  Fast forward 10+ years and this girl is still here, but on the other side of things!  Ally is multi-talented!  She is the assistant office manager, an athletic trainer, a rehabilitation aide, runs the WellFIT and performance programs, and assists with marketing and outreach!

Learn more about Ally below!

1. Why did you become an athletic trainer?  What do you enjoy most about being an athletic trainer?

I became an athletic trainer because I love being involved with sports. The human body is amazing and the things we can do with it are incredible! I love being part of the process of getting the body back to doing those amazing things and getting athletes back to doing the things they love. I am thankful to still be involved in the athletic community.

2. What was your favorite age growing up?

I loved high school (Burke High School). My favorite age was probably 17. I had a little bit of freedom but still had the guidance and support of my parents. Also, at that time, I was the janitor at OPTI and LOVED IT!

3. Would you rather spend the day at the beach or at the lake?

Either!  If I had to choose, I would pick the lake. I love all the activities you can do at the lake like
fish, boat, kayak, jet ski, etc.!

4. What do you do to relax?

I like to read or find a good show to binge watch. I also enjoy doing yoga.

5. What is one thing you cannot live without every day?

Coffee 🙂

6. What’s one thing you’ve learned that you apply every day?

Be kind. Everyone is going through something.

7. Who is your celebrity crush?

Justin Bieber 🙂

If you are a current patient or have been a patient at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI) and would like more supervised workouts on a consistent basis, check out OPTI’s WellFIT and Performance programs!

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