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In distance running going faster is often thought to require greater propulsion, and ultimately, greater effort.  When you are nearing the end of a training run and trying to maintain a certain heart rate, or perhaps approaching the final mile of a marathon and running on “E”, the last thing you want to think about is exerting more effort and more energy.  Mastering the running mechanics of Pose Method just might help with this problem.

What if you found a fuel station that had unlimited supply of fuel, was open 24-7, and best of all, was free to you as long as you knew how to work the pump?   An additional benefit you come to find is that this fuel is relatively clean as it works to move your car forward without the typical combustion and resultant harmful byproducts.  Clean, free, always accessible energy?  Seems too good to be true!  But in fact, when we run we have access to a similar scenario if we can learn to use gravity to our advantage.  Gravity is constant, and therefore abundant, always accessible, and free to use as long as you know how to use it.  In Pose Method, the theory goes that if we can learn to use gravity effectively, we will come to rely less on muscular effort and therefore produce less of the physiological byproducts that negatively affect our running performance (lactic acid, and more generally, fatigue).

Pose Method teaches that utilizing gravity can actually aid in moving us forward with greater speed if we learn to increase something called our fall angle.  Running is a controlled fall, and when we can bring intention and stability to this system of forces, we are able to adjust our speed utilizing “the fall” to our advantage.  Working to improve your familiarity and comfort with falling forward as you run can be a game changer in reducing the effort of propulsion as you run and potentially bring you greater speed with less energy cost.

If you would like to learn more about Pose Method and have your running gait analyzed, come to Omaha Physical Therapy Institute and meet with Matthew Vetter, PT, DPT, CSCS and certified Running Technique Specialist through Pose Method!

Matt Vetter, PT, DPT, CSCS, Certified Running Technique Specialist through the Pose Method


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