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Older Adults Benefit from Power Training!

Interesting article to share!

This systematic review and meta-analysis looked at traditional strength training vs power training for older adults.  They found IMPROVED outcomes in physical function (TUG testing, stair climb, sit to stand tests) and other secondary outcomes for balance, muscle mass, and gait speed in the groups who underwent power training. Individuals involved in the power training groups used machines, free weights, or bodyweight for 2-4 sets of 8-10 reps at a 40%-70% 1RM intensity and most studies instructed the patients to lift or push/pull weights AS FAST AS POSSIBLE and control a slow 3 second eccentric.

This supports the idea that quick, big, powerful movements are beneficial for everyone, including older individuals!  It’s never too late to get moving and grooving with some power training!

Jack Matuella, PT


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