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Happy and Healthy Holidays To You!

The holiday season often brings the unwelcome feelings of stress and feeling unhealthy.  There are so many demands we place on ourselves with parties, shopping, baking, hosting, and cleaning.  Shouldn’t “the most wonderful time of the year” make you feel a little better than this?

Here are some simple tips to get you feeling a little healthier and happier during this holiday season!

Exercise:  One of the biggest and most researched ways to decrease stress and anxiety and improve mood is through exercise.  You don’t need to belong to a gym.  Make it simple but plan ahead so that it is part of your routine and on your priority list.  Movement is medicine!  For more ideas on home workouts, click here!

Breathe:  Take the time during your day to take a deep, relaxing breath.  Do this 4-5 different times per day.

Moderation:  Enjoy the foods and the drinks you only get to experience during the holidays but don’t overindulge.  Portion control will allow you to satisfy your holiday treat fix but not make you feel guilty for days!  Helpful tip:  Eat something healthy BEFORE you go to a holiday party so that you don’t overdo it with the sweet treats!

Plan ahead:  If you find yourself with more activities or events to attend, make sure you plan your days to include dinner plans, exercise, and time with your family.  Trying to do things last minute can definitely increase your stress level as well as decrease your happiness.

Get plenty of sleep:  Sleep dictates our feeling of health and well-being.  How can you enjoy the holidays if you are not sleeping well?  Keep a good routine and make it a priority of going to bed at the same time and waking up around the same time every day.

Go outside:   It might be chilly, but even a few minutes out in the fresh, crisp air can have wonderful health benefits.  Sunshine provides Vitamin D which is so important for our body!  If you cannot go outside, sit close to a window in order to get closer to natural light.

The main take home point is DO NOT abandon your healthy habits because of how busy the holidays can be.  Those habits can help you find more peace and joy during an enjoyable time of the year!

If an injury or pain is keeping you from fully enjoying your holiday season, make sure to call Omaha Physical Therapy Institute today!


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