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3 Quick Home Workouts for “Busy” People

There are no excuses now!  The following exercise routines can be done in your home with minimal to no equipment.  If you do have resistance bands or weights, you can incorporate them as you wish.

Exercise is SO important for SO many reasons both physically and mentally!

Remember that for anyone just starting an exercise routine, it is important to start at a lower intensity and with small doses and slowly increase your intensity as you tolerate and see appropriate for your personal goals.  For more tips on how to properly start an exercise routine, click here!

Workout #1

Walk/jog up and down your stairs 3 repetitions

Perform 10 touchdown motions with your arms

Perform 10 squats

Perform 10 wall push ups or regular push ups

Perform 10 shoulder blade squeezes

Repeat the above 3-5 repetitions


Workout #2

25 Jumping Jacks

10 Tricep dips off a chair or couch

10 Burpees (or modified by doing them on your 1st or 2nd step of your stairs)

15 lunges or step lunges each leg

10 Bicep curl with overhead press (military)

Repeat the above 3-5 repetitions


Workout #3

Jog or march around or in place 1 minute

10 step ups on each leg

10 wall push up-hops (or regular push ups)

10 Mountain climbers (can modify by placing hands on the stairs)

10 bicep curl and press (military)

10 squats

Repeat the above 3-5 repetitions


For more ideas on workouts or for guidance on how to get started on an exercise routine, contact Omaha Physical Therapy Institute today!

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