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COVID-19 Home Workout For Runners

Many of us have more free time at home these days presenting us with ample time and opportunity to examine whatever we choose to about ourselves.  I personally am constantly examining elements of my running preparedness and technique and feel that a little more free time to do so couldn’t hurt.  Running is a skilled activity in which improvements in strength, neuromuscular control, and technique can translate into real improvements in our running gait and injury resistance.  Check out this video of basic exercises put out by CrossFit to develop improved mechanics within the Pose Method system of running.  If you are new to Pose Method, you can learn the basics by going to the Pose Method website, or checking out Pose Method produced videos on YouTube.  Try these drills as long as they are comfortable, and of course, if able to—Go for a run!


Matt Vetter, PT, DPT, CSCS
Certified in the POSE Method of Running

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