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Paul’s Comeback to Soccer After an Ankle Sprain

Determined to Get Back to the Field:  Paul’s Comeback Story

Paul Devine, 2001 Sporting Omaha FC Elite soccer player, has fought his way back to the field! After suffering a severely sprained ankle, Paul was treated at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI) and was able to return to play safely and confidently! Check out Paul’s Q & A below!


How did you get injured and what was your injury?

I sprained my ankle. It was an early morning game and the field was wet. I went to turn with the ball and rolled my ankle to the outside.

What was the toughest part about being injured?

A couple things. Our team was preparing for National League and I was nervous that I might not get back to 100%. It was also tough watching my team practice from the sidelines while I was still healing.

What did you learn from being injured?

To listen to my Physical Therapist and be patient with the physical therapy process. I also appreciated that my Physical Therapist was constantly in contact with my coach so he knew how hard I could push myself.

What advice would you give someone that is sidelined with an injury?

Trust your Physical Therapist. Listen at sessions and do the stretching and exercises at home. It’s about building to full strength and gaining confidence.

What did you enjoy the most about your experience with OPTI?

The one on one attention was great. I liked that everything we did tied back to soccer. My rehab was soccer-specific and I was able to get some sessions in at the Athletes In Motion (A.I.M.) Clinic out at the Omaha Sports Complex which was pretty awesome! I felt confident in returning to play!

What have you accomplished since returning back to soccer after your injury?

I was been able to play in all 7 games in the National League with my SOFC soccer team and we finished 3-1-3!  I also made varsity at my high school as a freshman.  I did all of this without any issues with my ankle!



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