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Avoiding Injury in Baseball and Softball

Avoiding Injury in Baseball and Softball

As physical therapists, we are experts in the treatment of injuries and pain.  However, an important aspect of our profession is educating coaches on how to decrease injuries in their athletes.  Here are some tips for Baseball and Softball coaches to decrease the risk for injury and keep athletes healthy throughout the season.

  • Make sure to perform a proper warm up, dug out stretching, and cool down consistently during games and practices
  • Make warm ups position specific
  • Vary your practices with focusing on different aspects of the game, allowing for changes in mechanical loading on athletes joints/muscles/nerves
  • Give your athletes 1-2 days off per week if possible for recovery. Recovery is an important aspect to maximizing performance.
  • If possible, practice and play at fields that are well maintained to avoid any potentially injuries from poor field conditions
  • Make sure your athletes have the appropriate equipment for practices and games

Let us know if you have any questions regarding injury prevention strategies or if your players need a free injury screen!  The physical therapists at OPTI specialize in baseball and softball specific rehabilitation!  We would love to help!


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