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Ankle Rehabilitation

Ankle injuries can affect anyone and everyone! It’s important to get treatment from healthcare professionals who specialize in the ankle and foot as it’s a very complex structure and let’s face it, we need our feet every day to get us to where we need to go! Here are some fascinating facts about the foot and ankle.

  • The foot and ankle contain 26 bones (1/4th of the bones in the human body are in our feet)
  • There are 33 joints in the foot and ankle
  • There are more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the foot and ankle
  • The foot and ankle possess an intricate and complex web of vessels and nerves

At Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI), we specialize in treatment of the foot and ankle complex. We are able to integrate modern pain neuroscience and education into treatments to allow patients an efficient and effective rehabilitation experience. Treatments are always individualized but can include the following:

  • Education on pain and understanding the body better
  • Stretching, joint mobilizations, and range of motion exercises
  • Proprioceptive exercises to allow for improved stability and balance
  • Manual therapy techniques to address pain and allow for improved comfort and confidence with movement
  • Strength exercises to improve stability but also make the body more efficient in protecting itself when needed
  • Plyometric exercises
  • Sport-specific skill and agility integration
  • Home exercise programs are always prescribed
  • Patients will be provided with an ankle stabilization program geared to decrease the risk of re-injury/ prevent injury

As with all physical therapy treatment provided at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute, there will be ongoing communication with your physician, coach, athletic trainer, and/or personal trainer.

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