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7 Stretches to Perform at Your Desk

Having a desk job means that you are not moving much during your workday.  But, the body needs movement for mobility and blood flow!  Below are some ideas for stretches you can perform to your low back and legs while at your desk.  It is important to perform these gently throughout the day.  We also suggest making sure you are standing up and walking around several times in the morning and the afternoon.

Healthy Tip:  Bring a water bottle to work and keep drinking it throughout the day.  Not only will you be properly hydrated but it will force you to use the restroom more frequently, which in turn, will make you get up and move!

Check out the stretches below!


Ashlie Eckmann, PT, DPT

Click here for more ideas for stretching while in the workplace!  If you are having pain while at work, we can help!  We provide specialized care for work, sports, and life related injuries!  We also provide ergonomic evaluations upon request.  Call Omaha Physical Therapy Institute today!

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