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7 Quick and Easy Stretches for Golfers

During these freezing cold and dreary days, it’s the perfect time to start daydreaming about sunshine and hitting the links!  Golf season is right around the corner and we want to makes sure you have the tools you need to shake off the winter rust and get right back into the “swing” of things!  We came up with a few stretches/movements that are specific to the golf swing which you can incorporate into your warm up, during the game, or even after your round when you are enjoying the “19th hole!”

1. Lumbar Flexion into Overhead Reach 


2. Hip and Knee Flexion holding onto Golf Cart


3. Leg Swings Holding onto Golf Cart


4. Lumbar Flexion holding onto Golf Cart


5. Trunk Rotations using Golf Club


6. Half Moon with Golf Club


7. Half “X” Using Golf Club


All of us at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute are excited to help with any rehabilitation needs you might have to get ready for warmer days on the golf course and sinking all of those birdie putts!

Sara Loeffelholz Palinski, PT, DPT


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