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3 of the Most Common Throwing Injuries

3 of the Most Common Throwing Injuries

UCL (Ulnar Collateral Ligament) Sprain:

  • Pain on the medial (inside) of the elbow
  • Assess elbow flexion and trunk to elbow angle in the late cocking to acceleration phase of throwing
  • *Prevention: regulate and monitor pitch counts and awareness of arm self-care as well as have proper throwing mechanics

Little League Elbow:

  • Typically seen between ages 9-14
  • Excessive repetitive stress to the growth plate at the elbow
  • Can be caused by imbalance between growth of long bone and length of muscles/tendons
  • Curveballs and sliders increase risk of this injury
  • *Prevention: regulate and monitor pitch counts and take into account skeletal maturity

Labral tear (in shoulder):

  • Most commonly occur during the late cocking phase with maximum external rotation forces responsible for high strain in superior labrum at biceps insertion
  • *Prevention: regulate and monitor pitch counts and improve scapular stability

*Note that in all injuries mentioned above, pitch count regulation is an important component to prevention.

Check out the link below for the most up to date pitching guidelines!

Omaha Physical Therapy Institute specializes in throwing related injuries (baseball, softball, football, etc.) and our team of physical therapists are able to perform a throwing analysis to make sure you are not only performing proper and safe mechanics with throwing but you are also maximizing your abilities with power and accuracy while you throw.  Exercises will be prescribed to address poor mechanics and improve overall stability and confidence.

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