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Ways to Decrease Stress and Improve your Performance During High School Soccer Tryouts!

Trying out for high school soccer can be a stressful time!  Check out the link below for some great tips to keep in mind while trying out that may just make it a little easier to make the team!

  1. Early Arrival Time

I would try and get to tryouts 20-30 minutes early. No one likes to feel rushed when lacing up your cleats and it gives you plenty of time if there is traffic on your way. Arriving early also makes a good impression with the coach because it means you’re serious about making the team! I have personally found that getting extra touches on the ball calmed my nerves before tryouts started!

  1. Try and Stay Calm

The time before a tryout can be nerve wracking. Being nervous can sometimes translate on the field. My advice is to relax, take a deep breath, don’t be afraid of making mistakes, and play free! Try to find some ways to calm yourself.  Sometimes all it takes is the first 10 minutes of warm-up to get all of the nerves out!

  1. Eye Contact

Always give eye contact with the coaches when they’re talking to a group or giving you individual input! This will show the coach that you value their time and what they have to say. Eye contact also portrays confidence and willingness to learn which goes a long way!

  1. Work With Teammates

Tryouts is a time to socialize with other players! Collaborate plays together… talk about doing a “give and go” or crossing the ball into the box! It will benefit both players and help you to stand out!

  1. Reaction

Players are going to make mistakes. It’s inevitable. Coaches know that and understand that. Don’t get frustrated after a mistake. Many times coaches aren’t concerned with a mistake, but rather how the player reacts afterward.

  1. Make Known Your Position

Many times at tryouts you will be put into many different positions because there are several girls who want to play “midfield” or “forward” just like you… Try and make a point to distinguish what position will be the most effective for you! This helps the clarity for the coach as to what position is your strong suit!

  1. Showcase your strengths

Players often try to be too flashy at tryouts. Sometimes players are so concerned with showing themselves off they forget that soccer is a team sport. Coaches look for players that will contribute to the team. Instead, showcase your strengths! Do the things you know how to do. Put yourself in good situations. You will mess up less and stand out more!

  1. Be a Leader

Coaches tend to look for leaders, motivators, and players who will make a positive presence to the team! Leadership also expresses confidence. Respect is also very important. Anyone can shout things, but coaches will notice leaders that are respected by other players. It’s good to also praise teammates when something is done well!

  1. Make a Good First Impression

Coaches want to be listened to. Take their advice and implement it into your game. Try not to make reckless tackles or lose your temper. Show coaches that you have a great attitude that translates positively to the field.

  1. Hustle!

Tryouts are a time for you to show your extra effort! Leave the tryout feeling tired and like you gave the best effort that you could have! Be aggressive and use your body! Coaches will notice the extra work ethic and fitness!

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From Omaha Physical Therapy Institute… Good luck at tryouts!!!

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