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Workout Wednesday Routine



Young woman wearing armband drinking water

Warmup: 5-10 min recumbent bike

3×10 meters each fwd/bkwd jog, side shuffle, karaoke, basic skips


Workout: 2-3x thru the following

2x10m walking lunges

15x pushups

40 second plank

40 seconds hi-knee jogging in place

25x bodyweight squats

20x band rows (rowing a boat motion, hands go to ribs, squeeze shoulder blades) /pull-aparts (arms straight at chest height, keeping elbows straight pull the band across your chest)

30x each side seated twists (twist from belly button)

40 seconds jump rope

10m each way walking side lunges

15x military press (start at eye-level, press straight overhead)

20 sec each side plank

4x50m sprint run on 1:00

2 mins easy recumbent bike


Sam Holmes, OPTI Wellness Program Instructor

Certified Fitness Trainer

USAT Professional Triathlete