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Tips for Staying Comfortable While Gardening

It’s that time of year again!  With the warmer weather and spring showers comes the fun project of organizing your garden and planting flowers!  Believe it or not, we actually see patients who have pain or injury from their gardening and yardwork experiences.  Fortunately, there are ways to stay more comfortable and avoid injury while working in your yard which can make the experience a lot more enjoyable!

Warm up: Make sure you do some light stretching for your whole body, maybe go for a walk, or do a light workout prior to starting.

Stay moving during your gardening/planting activities: Change positions by changing tasks or stand up and walk around occasionally, or take breaks to admire your hard work .  Movement is medicine!

Practice good body mechanics: When lifting, keep objects close to your body, be aware of how you bend over to make sure it is comfortable for your body, or use a stool or step to allow for proper positioning.

Use ergonomic tools to make things easier and decrease the strain on your body: Try using a foam pad for your knees, non-slip gloves, wheelbarrow or cart for transporting, and a stool for sitting.

Stay hydrated and avoid excessive sun exposure: Keep some water close by at all times for you to sip on.  Wear a high SPF sunscreen and consider using insect repellent as well.

If you are interested in learning more ways to stay healthy while gardening, including stretches that can be performed before, during, or after, give Omaha Physical Therapy Institute a call today!

Ashlie Eckmann, PT, DPT


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