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The Prevalence of SLAP Tears Of the Shoulder in Asymptomatic Individuals

A SLAP tear is a type of shoulder injury that involves the labrum in the shoulder joint.  SLAP stands for Superior Labrum Anterior to Posterior.  SLAP tears can result from repetitive overhead use of the arm, trauma to the shoulder, or can develop as one gets older.

Here are a few studies that have shown a high prevalence of SLAP tears in middle-aged people that are asymptomatic (do NOT have any shoulder issues or complaints of pain or instability).  Both studies found an increased prevalence of SLAP tears as people aged.  This is significant as it can demonstrate that SLAP tears diagnosed by MRI in individuals over the age of 45 years could be NORMAL age-related findings and may not need to be surgically repaired to find relief.

If you are have been living with shoulder pain and have been diagnosed with a SLAP tear through MRI, give physical therapy a try!  It might save you from having to have surgery!

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