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Poking Holes In Dry Needling

Does Dry Needling Really Work? You are in pain.  You have been in pain for years.  You have tried everything to help:  medication, injections, chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy.  You have lost your ability to move comfortably and you even find yourself being less social.  You are ready to give up.  Then you hear from a friend that they…

Battling Back to Tae Kwon Do and CrossFIT

OPTI’s Ninja Warrior:  David Shares His Comeback Story David Ramcharan has battled back from injuries that could have kept him from returning to Tae Kwon Do and CrossFit.  But, David did not give himself the option of giving up.  Due to his determination and work ethic, David is now performing at a higher level than he was before.  Check out…