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Simple Tips for People with Hypermobility

Hypermobility means your joints can move beyond a “normal” range of motion.  Hypermobility does not necessarily mean you will have pain or discomfort.  Every individual, hypermobile or not, has to modify, adjust, and cater activity to what their body needs.

Here are some suggestions and information to allow for a more comfortable life.  This information can apply to everyone!

  1. Understand that your range of motion or ability to tolerate movement and activities is different from anyone else’s, even other people that have hypermobility.
  2. Try to stay in a comfortable or “happy” range with movements or exercises. Some discomfort, popping, clicking, snapping is expected and ok but find movements that give you a sense of comfort and confidence.
  3. Everyday will be different as to what your body will allow or tolerate. Respect this and try not to push the limitations that you feel.
  4. Consistency with daily movement is important but changing up what you are doing assists with decreasing overuse or increasing sensitivity.
  5. Recovery days from the gym are good but try to continue to move and stay active on these days. Recovery days DO NOT equal couch days😊
  6. When starting a new exercise or gym program, start at a lower intensity (10-20% of desired level) for a couple of weeks before progressing another 10-20%. Try to stay disciplined with this.
  7. Understand that in order to be active, you do not need to go to the gym.  If working out is not your thing, find hobbies or activities that encourage movement, lifting, and position changes throughout your day (like gardening, cleaning, walking your dog).
  8. If you have a flare up or a “bad” day, don’t stop moving. Stay as active as you can while maintaining some comfort.  Movement, even if it is very limited, is better than no movement at all.  The body needs blood flow and the central nervous system needs reassurance that movement is ok.  Don’t “cast” yourself.

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