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Self Hygiene Tips for the Soccer Athlete

Nobody wants to be the stinky kid, right?!  It’s important as an athlete to recognize the responsibility you have to maintain good hygiene in order to avoid unnecessary issues including infections and bad odors.  Here are a few simple tips to keep you clean and healthy!

1.  Keep your equipment clean. Make sure you wash your shin guards with soap and water every other week or more often depending on use.  It is important to rinse the soap off completely to avoid irritation with wear.  DO NOT clean them with bleach as it can irritate the skin!

2.  Take your shoes and shin guards out of your bag and allow them to air dry after every practice and game! If left in the bag, the moisture can be a breeding ground for bacteria and can stink up a whole house!

3.  Make sure to wash your clothes that you wear for practice and games after each use if possible! Even your lucky socks!!

4.  Take a shower after practice and games…please.

5.  If you are a goalkeeper, make sure to wash your gloves after every use. If available, use glove cleaner and rinse with just soap and warm water.  Allow them to dry before using again.  We could write a whole other blog on cleaning goalie gloves but we will keep it short and simple for this!

6.  Make sure you keep your toenails properly trimmed and clean your feet after every practice and game. Do not wear wet socks around after you are done playing.  Let your feet dry and put on dry socks or wear sandals or breathable shoes/footwear when possible.

7.  Replace any socks with holes in them!  Socks with holes can lead to unnecessary rubbing which can turn into a blister…nobody enjoys a blister.

8.  Wear shoes that fit!

Make these simple suggestions a part of your routine!  If you have any questions, please contact Omaha Physical Therapy Institute today!


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