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Returning to Play after COVID-19

Because of the uncertainty of the affects of COVID-19 even after the illness has subsided, a return to play protocol has been devised by experts in order to guide athletes with gradual exposure back into activity after illness. Athletes who have experienced COVID-19 should consult with their physician regarding return to activity/play suggestions.

This infographic is from the British Journal of Sports Medicine from October 2020 with proper return to play guidelines for performance athletes who have had mild to moderate illness from COVID-19.  Athletes who have had more severe illness requiring hospitalization will need further assessment and this protocol may not apply to them.  This information is for healthcare practitioners to utilize when making recommendations for patients returning to activity.  Again, make sure to consult with your physician before returning to play after experiencing COVID-19.

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Accepted 31 May 2020
Published Online First 22 June 2020

Br J Sports Med 2020;54:1174–1175.