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How useful is using resistance when warming up for baseball and softball ?

baseball bat with weightWe have all seen the baseball or softball player in the on deck circle warming up with a weighted donut, two bats or some crazy contraption. Do we ever stop and think, is that really making them swing harder or faster?? The article attached (see link below) is a pretty interesting read that looks to answer this question. Collegiate softball players were tested over eight days with a testing session each day using one of the eight resistive devices presented in the study. The eight devices used were a 96-oz Schutt Dirx, 18-oz bat, 23-oz bat, 26-oz bat, the Pitcher’s Nightmare, 16-oz donut ring, Draz weighted gloves (20-oz each), and 14-oz Power Fins. The results concluded that there was no significant difference between the eight different resistance devices, but the weighted donut did result in the slowest bat velocity in the group. In the end, it comes down to personal preference on what is most comfortable for you to use in the on deck circle when getting ready to go hit that next big shot!

If you have any questions regarding your warm up for baseball or softball, please feel free to contact Sara Loeffelholz, PT at 402.934.8688 or email her at Sara has years of softball playing experience including playing Division I softball at University of New Mexico and Creighton University. Her knowledge about the game combined with her physical therapy background is unique and resourceful for baseball and softball players and coaches!