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Pre-Activation Circuit for Dancers

Here is a pre-activation circuit for dancers based off the most current research.  This can be implemented before class or competitions.  Research suggests performing this at least 3 days/week in order to decrease the risk of injury.

Pre-Activation Circuit for Dancers


  1. 1.  Forward jogging
  2. 2.  Backward jogging
  3. 3.  High knees
  4. 4.  Butt kicks
  5. 5.  Walking open/close gate with hip external/internal rotation
  6. 6.  Toe walking
  7. 7.  Alternating front kick with toe touches
  8. 8.  Walking single leg Romanian Dead Lifts (RDL’s) with toe touches
  9. 9.  Walking windmill kicks
  10. 10.  Carioca
  11. 11.  Lateral side shuffle
  12. 12.  Walking curtsey lunges
  13. 13.  Inchworm
  14. 14.  High knee skips
  15. 15.  Lunges with trunk rotation
  16. 16.  Forward and lateral leaps (chassé steps)
  17. 17.  Leg swings forward/lateral


  1. 1.  Plié squats
  2. 2.  Side plank with hip abduction/hip dip
  3. 3.  Relevé plié squats


  1. 1.  Single leg hopping over line forward/backward
  2. 2. Single leg hopping over line side-to-side
  3. 3. Bounding (zig-zag hops)

If you have questions on this warm up, feel free to reach out to Omaha Physical Therapy Institute!

Ashlie Eckmann, PT, DPT




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