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Omaha Physical Therapy Institute has been serving Omaha for 10 YEARS!

Omaha Physical Therapy Institute is Celebrating It’s 10 Year Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 10 YEARS since we opened Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI).  From the initial planning stages to now, it has been a wonderfully awesome, scary, fulfilling, exhausting, and exciting adventure.   Inspired by our passion for helping others and providing people with the physical therapy care that they deserve, Brent and I opened OPTI on July 9th, 2007.  We started out with 1 physical therapist and minimal connections and referral sources in the Omaha area due to starting our careers in Minnesota.  OPTI has grown to 4 (and soon to be 5) PT’s, two locations, and a support and managing staff that we are humbled to have along with so many wonderful new friends, patients, and professional colleagues.

Brent and I both agree that we feel our business is successful.  Successful not because we have continuously grown since inception but because we are doing what we love with people that we love.  The staff at OPTI genuinely care for each and every person that walks through the doors.  Every member of the OPTI team possesses a passion for positively impacting the lives of others.  It is because of our wonderful staff that we are successful. 

We are proud of what we have accomplished but also very humbled.  As a business owner, you live out the ups and downs of the industry and are emotionally attached to the investment that you have made.  You are constantly being faced with “life lessons” that you can either dismiss OR acknowledge and improve from as you move into the future.

Brent and I want to thank everyone who has carried and at times, tolerated us through this journey including our families, friends, professional network, patients, and our staff.  To be surrounded by people that are truly good human beings is such an honor and a blessing.  As we move forward into the future, we are excited to continue the mission of Omaha Physical Therapy Institute and strive to learn from the last 10 years in order to make the next 10 years even better.

Blog contributors:  Katie & Brent Cordery, Physical Therapists and Co-Owners (AND Husband and Wife, Co-Workers, Roommates, Friends)

Omaha Physical Therapy Institute is an outpatient orthopedic and sports physical therapy clinic with it’s main location at 144th & Dodge and it’s Athletes In Motion clinic inside of the Omaha Sports Complex on 144 & Giles.  Omaha Physical Therapy Institute provides the Omaha area with the most effective and cost-efficient care through one on one treatment with the same physical therapist every visit.

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