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Movement Patterns of the Knee Following ACL Reconstruction

A recently published article in the journal, Sports Medicine, suggests that following Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery long term strength, neuromuscular control, and proprioception exercise programs need to be continued after the rehabilitation period has ended (see link to article below).  The meta-analysis published in March 2016 indicated that altered kinematics at the knee continued for greater than 5 years following reconstruction in activities such as walking, stairs, running, and jumping. Furthermore, athletes that demonstrated superior functional performance had less asymmetry than those that did not pass the return to sport criteria.

OPTI’s Advice: This article is showing that people that have had ACL reconstruction surgery on their knee have issues with poor mechanics, strength, and control of their knee with functional activities even 5 years AFTER the surgery! This is why OPTI recommends that when patients complete ACL reconstruction rehabilitation, they continue with a regular exercise program that focuses on these weakened areas. If you have any questions regarding an appropriate exercise program after ACL reconstruction, feel free to contact the physical therapists at OPTI!

Mandeep Kaur, Daniel Cury Ribeiro, Jean-Claude Theis, Kate E. Webster, Gisela Sole,    Sports Medicine, March 2016,   Movement Patterns of the Knee During Gait Following ACL Reconstruction: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Marc Hunley, PT