One-on-One Treatment with a Physical Therapist Every Visit!

Meet the Physical Therapist – Katie Cordery

Learn more about Katie Cordery, one of the founders of Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI)!  She has been running and practicing as a physical therapist at OPTI since it opened in July 2007!

Katie CorderyWhat was your “moment” where you realized you wanted to become a physical therapist?

I never really had a moment, just more of an awareness that I needed to be in a profession where I was able to help people through injury and pain not only with medical interventions but with using my compassion to support them.  I was debating between medicine and Physical Therapy and after having to go through physical therapy myself, I decided it was what I wanted to do. Physical Therapists are able to have more contact with a patient throughout the rehab process and it’s so inspiring to watch what people can overcome with or without my help.  

What kind of schooling did you go through to be a physical therapist?  Where did you go to school?

I went to Creighton University for undergraduate studies and Creighton University School of Allied Health Professions for physical therapy school.  I have a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.  

Did you participate in sports growing up?  What kinds of activities and hobbies do you enjoy now?

I was the definition of “tomboy” in my youth and I blame having three older brothers for that!Besides being the utility player in the neighborhood football games (I think I was the only girl), I played soccer, basketball, volleyball, and did gymnastics.  I played basketball and soccer in high school and soccer in college at Creighton University.  I am still active and like to work out several days a week.  My husband and I love to travel, hike, boat, downhill ski, golf, watch movies, attend concerts, and read. katieoptiadventure

What is your favorite thing about being a physical therapist? 

I love the opportunity I have to meet people from all walks of life and connect with them as their Physical therapist.  I feel so lucky to be able to use my knowledge of the human body to help people out of tough situations with injuries and pain, giving them a chance to get back to the things that they love.  Each individual has a different comeback story and I love that I can be a part of that story!

img_2588Why did you choose to work at OPTI?

Because I helped create it and now I’m stuck-haha!  In all seriousness, we created OPTI to allow people to receive the physical therapy treatment that they deserve.  I really do love my job as when I’m treating patients, I sometimes forget that I’m at work!

What makes OPTI different from other physical therapy clinics?

We give people the treatment that they deserve and are paying for by providing top quality, science-based care to them.  Healthcare is expensive and people need to realize that it is important to be selective or “picky” when it comes to a physical therapy clinic.  Our clinic environment is very positive and upbeat which provides a comfortable arena for people to rehab.  We do not push people through pain and we don’t jump onto any treatment fad that comes along without looking at the scientific research behind it.  Our interventions with our patients are all backed by the most current pain science research and we feel it is important to educate patients on their bodies, why they have pain, what pain is, and how to manage it even after physical therapy is over. Every patient that comes into our door will be seen by a physical therapist every single visit.  If scheduling allows, the patient will be seen by the same physical therapist every time.  This continuity of care is unfortunately rare but so important in establishing and achieving a patient’s goals and minimizes the number of visits (or cost) of their episode of care.  OPTI also has the Athletes In Motion program (A.I.M.) which allows athletes sport-specific skill integration into all phases of their rehab.  We have a secondary location called the A.I.M. clinic and it is awesome because it provides athletes with exposure to field turf, goals, nets, and a ton of space to get comfortable and confident moving in an environment similar to what their sport requires.