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Meet the Physical Therapist – Brent Cordery

9o5a2523Although famous for his trumpet playing in the Cornhusker marching band, Brent Cordery also possesses a talent for helping others.   Brent is one of the co-founders of Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI) and has been running and practicing as a physical therapist at OPTI since the doors opened in July 2007.  Learn more about Brent Cordery below!

img_2495My name is Brent Cordery, physical therapist at and co-founder of OPTI.  I was first drawn to the healthcare arena when I had the opportunity to work at St. Elizabeth Hospital as a physical therapy technician during my time in undergrad at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I had been working as a CNA (certified nurse assistant) at the time and I was looking for work during the summer months. I really didn’t know much about the physical therapy realm at the time. Once I started working with a physical therapist and I got to see the profession first hand, I knew it
was what I wanted to do.

I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and received degrees in Psychology, Biology and Chemistry (I know I’m a nerd!). I then went to Creighton University for Physical Therapy school. I have played soccer my whole life and I still do for Barrett’s FC (I’m sure you have heard of us)!  I love music and I played trumpet in the marching band through college.

Having the ability to work with people and help them return to a pain free and active life is my favorite thing about being a physical therapist. Katie and I ch9o5a2440ose to open up OPTI because we were tired of working for other clinics that constantly pushed us to see multiple patients at a time.  We wanted to create a clinic that provided a caring and compassionate culture, treating people the right way.  So, we started OPTI in 2007.  Getting to work with Katie, Lori, Sara, Marc, Sam, Marquette, and Ally every day is the best!

OPTI is different because our quality of care is unmatched.  Our interventions are all science-based.  We want people to understand their bodies and teach them how to deal with pain.  We ensure our patients receive the best treatment possible. We make therapy fun!

Brent Cordery, PT, Founder

-Omaha Physical Therapy Institute