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Injury Reduction Strategies for the Weekend Warrior

Weekend warriors are defined as those who play a sport or sports only in their free time.  For many of us, that could mean just one time per week.  As we age out of organized youth sports and enter the wonderful world of “adult leagues,” getting injured doesn’t just affect our ability to play sports anymore.  Injuries can cause major limitations and inconveniences with our daily activities including driving our kids around, working, and being efficient with our daily routine.  

As physical therapists, we see “weekend warriors” all the time for injuries, big and small.  Below is a list of ideas we like to give patients to help decrease the risk for injuries if they are just playing a sport once or twice a week.  

  1. Make sure you are conditioning yourself by being active and exercising several other days THROUGHOUT the week to take on the loads/forces you do with your sport and establish a good baseline of fitness.
  2. Incorporate sport specific agility, strength, and skill into your daily workouts.
  3. Exercise/workout at the intensity and volume you need to be at with your sport. 
  4. Make sure that your equipment and footwear is adequate and in good condition.  
  5. When performing your sport, make sure you do a good warm up that allows you to slowly build your intensity of movement/load.  Warming up doesn’t mean just chit chatting about life!  Get moving!

So, basically, we want you to graduate from the Weekend Warrior status to becoming a consistently active individual in order to decrease your risk for injury and live a life of wellness!  

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