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Individualizing Treatment for Pain

Individuals seek care at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI) in order to overcome pain, injury, and disability.  A lot of people are fearful of movement when they walk through our doors.  Why?  Because they might think that pain associated with movement indicates that they are causing more damage to the tissues in the body.  But is that really the case?  Not always!

After a thorough assessment, the physical therapists at OPTI formulate a plan of care as well as an educational session for the patient about their pain.  We attempt to empower the patient with the ability to understand why they hurt, improve their function, decrease their fear, and decrease their dependency on external support which they think should “fix” them (i.e. medications, fad modalities such as IASTYM and dry needling).

The approach to educating a patient about their pain has to be customized for each individual due to the patient’s already existing thoughts about their pain, their experiences in their life, their current stress levels, previous treatments they have received, other medical issues they might have, and their overall beliefs system.  The end goal is to improve an individual’s ability and tolerance to movement and arm them with strategies to take on pain episodes more independently going into the future.

The following systematic review shows the impact proper education about the neurophysiology and neurobiology of pain can have on an individual’s confidence with movement, amount of disability, their fear and frustration, as well as their overall physical performance.  This is great research to support what we do at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute!

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