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How to Step Up and Down a Curb with a Walker

Listed below are safety tips and step-by-step approach on how to carefully and properly take on the challenges of a curb while using your walker.

Tips for walker:

  • Walker should be the correct height for YOU. While arms are resting at the sides of your body, the handles of the walker should come up to the crease of your wrists
  • Remember: up with good (unaffected leg) and down with bad (affected leg)

Stepping up a curb with a walker:

1.  Approach the curb and get as close as you can to the curb with the walker.
2.  Once at the edge of the curb, lift walker up onto the surface beyond the curb.
3.  Next, step up with unaffected leg, using the walker for balance/support.
4.  Then, step up onto the curb with your affected leg, using your walker and unaffected leg for support.


Stepping down a curb with a walker:

1.  Approach the curb with your walker and get close to the edge of the curb.
2.  Place the walker down off the curb and step down with affected leg, using walker for support.
3.  Next, step down with unaffected leg.

If you need more assistance on how to properly use a walker, call Omaha Physical Therapy Institute today!  We do provide pre-operation walker fitting and training to ensure your safety after your surgery!

Ashlie Eckmann, PT, DPT


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