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How to Get In and Out of A Car After Knee Surgery

Listed below is a step-by-step approach on how to safely and efficiently get in and out of your car following knee surgery (on the passenger side).  You can modify your car seat position as needed to make this an easier process.  Having another person to assist will maximize your safety.

Getting into car:
1.   Back up to the car so that your legs are close to the seat.
2.  Place crutches in right hand, reaching back for the seat with your left hand.
3.  Slowly bend legs until in seated position.
4.  Lift left leg followed by right leg into car.  Use your hands to assist with this.

Getting out of car:
1.  Scoot forward on the seat. Lift right leg followed by left leg out of car.
2.  Place feet flat on the ground and push yourself from seated to standing position using legs and arms. Avoid pulling on the door to help you stand up because it can be unstable.

If you need more assistance on maintaining safety with car transfers and general mobility after knee surgery, give Omaha Physical Therapy Institute a call today!

Ashlie Eckmann, PT, DPT


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