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How to Avoid More Snow on Your Driveway After the Plow Comes Through!

Don’t you get frustrated AFTER you have spent all the time and effort in shoveling your driveway AND THEN the snow plow comes through and it piles up AGAIN at the end of your driveway?!!!

OH, AND this snow that is pushed back to the end of your driveway is often heavier with chunks of ice mixed into it so it could be even more tedious to remove!  GAH!  

We found this technique below (see video) that might be a good way to stop snow from blocking your driveway after the snow plow comes through!  Shovel around 10 feet x 5 feet to the left of your driveway.  Try to push the snow towards your sidewalk or shovel it in the direction of traffic.  This allows you to clear an area so that the snow plow doesn’t have that snow to push back into your driveway!  Some might argue that you are still shoveling a little more but it might be easier to do this ahead of time and that way when the plow comes through, you don’t have to go back outside!  You can enjoy the view of the fresh snow while staying warm and cozy in your home!

Oh, and because we are a physical therapy clinic, we want to point out that it might help decrease the risk for injury as well!

Happy shoveling!

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