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Getting Back to Life – Ben’s Comeback Story

On Ben’s last day of physical therapy, he was squatting over 155 lbs. and dead lifting more than 100 lbs..  If you would have seen him when he hobbled into Omaha Physical Therapy Institute using a walker on his first day of PT, you wouldn’t have believed he was going to be able to ever walk normally again, let alone get back to lifting heavy weights.  Talk about a Comeback Story!

What was your injury?  How did you injure yourself?  

“I was in a high-speed motorcycle crash (driver at fault). I had multiple injuries when I first got to OPTI. I fractured my shoulder, back, wrist and tibia. I also tore my ACL, PCL, and various other ligaments in my left leg.  I had a concussion to top it all off.”

What was the most challenging aspect to your recovery? 

“The most challenging aspect to my recovery was the downtime. I spent a few months in bed not being able to do a single thing. For an active person like myself, this was the death of me. I became depressed and felt as if nothing mattered. Everyone around me would be moving around, going about their day as I was stuck with my own sad thoughts. I can vividly remember the one thing that hurt the most was every time I heard a bike (motorcycle) go by.”

What did you learn from your experience in physical therapy?

“One thing I took away from physical therapy is that good things always lie ahead. I would leave OPTI every single day feeling good about myself. It’s about the drive to truly want to get better. A word that I’ve always loved is perseverance, and I carried that with me every step of the way.”

What did you enjoy most about OPTI?

“I enjoyed the personal connections I grew to have at OPTI. I can say that I knew every single person’s name there. This meant a lot to me and that kind of care can really help you through dark times, regardless of what you’re going through.” 

What advice would you give someone that is recovering from an injury?

“My advice to anyone going through an injury would be to relax. I am so hard on myself which made it that much more difficult to push through. It is important to stay positive and trust the others around you. Always remind yourself that you can get better.”

What have you accomplished since coming back from your injury?

“Since coming back from my injury, I’ve gotten back to my normal gym routine. This was something that brought joy to my heart.  I’ve always been hard on myself to be as fit as I can be, so putting that on hold was difficult. With the help of OPTI, I can say that I’m finally getting back to where I was. After all this time, I’ve done a lot of thinking and decided that riding is something that I cannot give up. I am still awaiting my next motorcycle!”

It’s patients like Ben that inspire us everyday at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute!  He has achieved his goal of getting back into weight lifting and is anxious to get back on a motorcycle again soon!  Great comeback story Ben!  We are so glad you are getting back to the things that bring joy and purpose in your life!


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