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Getting Back in the Game After ACL Reconstruction

“As an athlete, soccer is my life. ACL Reconstruction surgery could have ended my career. I am forever grateful to Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI) and their Athletes In Motion (A.I.M.) program. OPTI’s team got me back into action and I am back playing the sport I love. OPTI is the best Physical Therapy team in Omaha.”

-Mayme Conroy

-UNL Soccer

-Semi-Pro NC Lake Norman Eclipse

My experience at OPTI GOT ME BACK IN THE GAME that I love. My physical therapist was able to make my recovery process after my ACL reconstruction surgery enjoyable. The atmosphere at OPTI is always positive and each therapist cares about your well-being. OPTI made therapy fun.  I could see my progress and understood that OPTI wanted to see me succeed.mayme-profile-pic 

OPTI’s Athlete’s In Motion Program was extremely beneficial. Being exposed to conditions that emulated soccer and basketball, I was able to confidently get back in time for state basketball and soccer during my senior year at Skutt. With OPTI’s help I was able to return to sports and was offered the opportunity to play Division 1 soccer at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. My dream of being a Husker became a reality. After college, my soccer career continued with North Carolina’s semi-professional team, Lake Norman Eclipse.

Some doubted my ability to get back to a competitive level as the norm is around 44% of ACL reconstruction patients do but the OPTI return rate is 95%.  (British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2011) I liked my odds with the OPTI team on my side.

mayme-kicking-soccer-ball-acl-brochure None of my athletic success would have been possible without the help my OPTI team.  I felt like they were just as invested in my future as I was and they wanted me to reach my goal of playing again at a competitive level.

I highly recommend the team at OPTI to other athletes, coaches and patients. They all go above and beyond to safely transition you back to athletics. OPTI has the equipment, tools, and attitude to further exceed any expectations of sports-injury recovery process. With hard work, determination, and incorporating sports-specific rehab, I was able to play again without hesitation. They are the best physical therapy team in Omaha.

OPTI made me feel like family as well as made going to physical therapy fun!