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Get Moving…A Little More!

Do you feel like you haven’t been moving enough?  Have you been cooped up inside too much, working from home, not getting out of the house as much anymore?

For a lot of the general population, the amount of movement significantly decreased with the onset of the pandemic and people being more confined to their homes.  Even though some of the restrictions are being lifted and work places, stores, and restaurants are opening up, people are still more sedentary than before the pandemic.

Below are some simple ways to add more movement to your day!

1.  When at the grocery store, park further away from the entrance so that you have to walk a little more.

2. If you have stairs in your house, walk them 1-2 extra times each day in addition to your normal amount.

3. If you have a desk job or sit lot during the day, keep drinking water consistently so that it forces you to get up and go to the bathroom more.  Plus, water is GOOD for you!

4.  Occasionally during the day, when getting up from your chair, repeat that movement (sit-to-stand) 5-10 repetitions to add a little strengthening to this routine movement.

5.  During commercial breaks when watching TV or when taking breaks from your desk, stand up and perform 10 touchdown motions with your arms.

6.  While brushing your teeth, try balancing on one leg.  Or, perform 10-15 heel raises.

7.  If in the kitchen, place your hands on the countertop and perform 10-15 push ups!

These are just a few tips and tricks to get you moving a little more during your day.  Remember, if you are consistent, a little can go a long way!  Especially if done consistently!

As we LOVE to tell our patients…Movement is medicine!

If you need further advice on how to get moving more comfortably, give us a call at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute!  We’d love to help!


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